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Heat Treatment Parameters:


- Max power is 4 kw (will be 5 kW soon)

- Width of heat treated stripe 6-72 mm (can be adjusted from robot program)

- Depth of heat treated zone is 0.6-1.5 mm (depending on material and geometry)

- Hardness can be between 50-67 HRC, for tool steels typically over 60 HRC


Parameters for Robotic Welding:


- 3 kW of laser power is available (5 kw will be available soon), width of the stripe of molten material  is 2.5 mm,

- Welding speed is 4-10 mm/s,

- Possibility of the use of protecting gas

- Possibility of using of very hard welding material (63 HRC)

- Wide variety of welding materials available

  (aluminium, stainless steels, heat resistant steels, HSS, hot work - cold work steels etc. )

Parameters for Manual Welding:


- Power of 500W, the biggest in Hungary

- Wide selection of welding materials available




- Possibilities of coatings: Titanium-Carbide (TiC), Tungsten-Carbide (WC) and Stellite coatings

- Thickness: 0.03-0.2 mm

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